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Account Payment: Client Accounts can be paid Here…

Delivery of Services:


  • We always like to be clear and transparent about the prices we charge for work.
  • We will not start any work for a client, or instigate any services until the price for the service has been agreed and the client has authorized the work to be undertake.


  • A Deposit is of 50% of the project price is normally required for all website design projects with payment in full in 30 days from the date of the invoice.
  • Start-up and Self Build Websites need to be paid for in full at the time of ordering, as do other services such as website Hosting or SEO services such as TrafficDriver.


  • Websites: – Every website is created and designed from scratch and every project is different. Typically, Starter sites are completed within 5 working days; Business Sites in 10 working days and E-commerce sites within 21 working days. Some projects are quicker, some take longer, depending on the work involved and number of drafts required.
  • Hosting and Domain Registrations/Renewals: – These services are usually instigated on the same day that they are paid for, domain renewals may be completed on or shortly before the day the domain is due for renewal.
  • SEO Services: – These services are set up on the day that payment is made.

Clients will be advised if the circumstances applying to their project differ significantly from the above.